Labour for Trans Rights

The Liverpool ACC protest

Sunday 8th October @ 10:00am

What do trans people need from a Labour manifesto?

Monday 9th October @ 12:30pm

Mercure Liverpool Atlantic Tower Hotel

About Us

Hey! We're a group of trans and queer Labour members from across Britain. Our motley crew came together from despairing chats about the transphobia rampant in British politics, in a spirit of don't mourn, organise! The election of our campaign member Alex as Labour's first ever trans officer in the new, National Students section gave us the impetus to finally get organised. We want to build on the great work done in the past by groups like the Labour Campaign for Trans Rights, and work across the Party to make Labour a welcoming and empowering space for all trans people.

Our Demands

  1. A comprehensive definition of transphobia to cover the whole party, based upon the definition provided by TransActual which is already in use for training CLPs across the country.
  2. A promise that under the next Labour Government, the NHS will overhaul the broken system of Gender Identity Clinics to provide care across the country with a patient-first approach alongside a new legally recognised non-binary characteristic.
  3. Uphold the promise to ban all forms of conversion therapy, including a ban on these practices being carried out against transgender youth and ensure Gillick competency.
  4. A commitment to uphold one of Labour’s proudest accomplishments, the Equalities Act 2010, as trans-inclusive legislation that provides trans people the legal protection to use services and facilities matching their gender - the way it’s been for over a decade.
  5. Introduce a dedicated Minister for Trans Rights to begin planning out how Labour can overhaul trans protections and healthcare after the next election, and ensure equality for LGBTQ+ communities is central to our Party’s agenda.
  6. A commitment to demedicalise the Gender Recognition Act and introduce a full self-ID system in line with other nations across the world.