Labour for Trans Rights

No Pride in Bigotry

25th September @ 1:30PM
Exhibition Centre Liverpool

On 25th September we will be outside Labour conference to call for the Party to take action against transphobia within Labour and ensure stronger measures of protection and representation.

Will you stand with us?

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About Us

Hey! We're a group of trans and queer Labour members from across Britain. Our motley crew came together from despairing chats about the transphobia rampant in British politics, in a spirit of don't mourn, organise! The election of our campaign member Alex as Labour's first ever trans officer in the new, National Students section gave us the impetus to finally get organised. We want to build on the great work done in the past by groups like the Labour Campaign for Trans Rights, and work across the Party to make Labour a welcoming and empowering space for all trans people.

Our Demands

  1. Adopt and enforce a definition of transphobia

    At conference last year a definition of transphobia was promised but it hasn't materialised. We are still demanding a definition that all members should be accountable to. Groups like Women’s Place UK and LWD, which serve as platforms for hate against trans people, are unacceptable in a progressive party; the presence of fringe events hosted by them at Labour Conference 2022 risks making the Party an unsafe space for trans people.

  2. Reform and resource trans healthcare

    Reform of the Gender Recognition Act is long overdue and it is welcome that Labour supports it. This must be based on principles of self-declaration and recognition of non-binary people and trans youth, with no backsliding on protections for trans people’s access to services guaranteed under the Equality Act. But the GRA is only one part in the ongoing struggle that transgender and non-binary persons face in our everyday lives. Alongside the introduction of a process of self identification, Labour should commit to a total overhaul of the failing system of Gender Identity Clinics, replacing them with a consultative medicine model that puts patients first, invest in decentralised clinics across the country and adopt the legal recognition of a non-binary gender characteristic.

  3. Engage with the trans community

    Labour must ensure that it listens to the concerns of the LGBT+ community and does not take our support for granted, to this end Labour should establish an additional position for an LGBT+ Representative on the NEC and establish Trans officer positions at other levels of the party. Labour should also establish a specific trans-equalities shadow minister so that our next Labour government can deal with the appalling situation of trans healthcare and protections. Labour’s Shadow Cabinet should receive training on transphobia, and ensure their public statements on this subject do not endorse transphobic tropes.